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Have you spent a lot of time looking for a good fps gaming mouse? Now there are many kinds of fps gaming mouse you can choose.

Our page is sure to have the ability to help you out. Whatever you prefer, there must be one fitting your needs and budget.

No matter what kind of fps gaming mouse you need, you will get satisfied here. Enjoy your shopping.

Best Fps Gaming Mouse in the World

Zalman Mouse Fg1000 Programmable Up To 2000Dpi Usb Port Black

1. GUN type design optimized for FPS (First- Person Shooter)gaming — Optimized for FPS gaming, the GUN-styled mouse features trigger style buttons, which create a more immersive and virtual gaming environment.

Buyers Guide
  • “On the positive side, the pistol grip is very easy on the wrist.” – M. Wang
  • “I have very large hands, even for a male, and can comfortably use this mouse.” – LRmeguiar
  • “Response time is so slow!” – Christopher Fields

Logitech G500s Laser Gaming Mouse with Adjustable Weight Tuning

It’s easy to be passionate about winning, but at Logitech, our passion is in the science that makes winning possible. We build precise gaming instruments.

Buying Guides
  • “Lots of buttons that I can customize to different weapons and whatnot.” – Philip Fowler
  • “All the buttons are easy to reach and have a very intuitive design and layout making this mouse not only good for gaming, but practical for daily use as well.” – Andrew Gray
  • “I have a G500 mouse and noticed almost no difference between it and the G500s.” – Tanya McHenry

Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse.

Product Comparisons
  • “You are also able to set multiple laser DPI levels per profile, and are able to change them on the fly using the ‘G’ program keys as well.” – Louis Fischl
  • “The mouse feels great and works flawlessly.” – Tony Smith
  • “This is the best gaming mouse I’ve ever owned, and I collect gaming mice.” – Pec

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse with 250 Hour Battery Life

It’s easy to be passionate about winning, but at Logitech, our passion is in the science that makes winning possible. We build precise gaming instruments.

Product Reviews
  • “All the buttons can be reprogrammed via the gaming software.” – J. S. Green
  • “It fit my hand perfectly, regardless if I was using claw or palm grip.” – Logan Domanico
  • “The battery life is awesome.” – M. Bennett

Anker® 8000 DPI High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse for PC, 9 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridges, Omron Micro Switches

When you’re logging hours in front of the computer, nothing is more important than comfortable, accurate control. Up your play with this 8000 DPI High-Precision Laser Gaming Mouse from Anker.

Consumer Reports
  • “The ergonomics of the mouse are very nice; it fits very well into my hand.” – Eric Wittenstein
  • “There is also a little compartment underneath the mouse for adding the included weights, so whether you like your mouse light or heavy, you can customize that too.” – christopher burt
  • “You map some of the buttons to a keyboard button, works for me, they can all be changed anyway in the software which is easy to use.” – Gregory

Zalman Mouse ZM-M300 Black Gaming Mouse USB 2500DPI 7Keys 4500FPS

Description:Get the Zalman ZM-M300 Optical Gaming Mouse without breaking the bank.

SteelSeries Kana Optical Gaming Mouse - Black and Orange

The SteelSeries Kana is an optical, ambidextrous mouse designed for all three grip styles: palm, claw and swipe. The functionality, ergonomic button layout and size was perfected alongside SteelSeries’ professional gaming teams, who also tested and validated the precision and power hidden in the Kana’s modest exterior.

Buyers Guide
  • “Overall, I’m very happy and think the Kana is a comfortable and smooth gaming mouse.” – Scarlett Brontë
  • “I’m a woman with fairly large hands for a woman, so this mouse fits me very comfortably, just like my Naga.” – Tracie
  • “The two side buttons are in a great spot and very rarely accidentally clicked.” – kpallen1

Aimon XB Elite V Wireless Game Controller for PC and XBox 360 with Chat Support!

Aimon XB is a PC/xBox 360 controller that is compatible with all PC and 360 games. Use the mouse for targeting prey while moving with the left hand Grip.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Improved my game play tenfold absolutely love this.” – alex bainbridge
  • “All controls are very smooth no jumping around.” – sam
  • “My husband used this product for a few days before he decided to return it due to it not having chat support.” – Happy Customer

SteelSeries Ikari Laser Limited Edition (Sudden Attack)

Designed specifically for the popular online FPS game, the SteelSeries Ikari Laser Limited Edition Sudden Attack has a unique black, white and gray camouflage print.

Genius GX-Gaming Maurus for FPS Professional Gaming Mouse (GX-GAMING MAURUS)

Maurus is the first person shooter mouse for the GX gaming series from Genius. You can customize it to reach explosive game performance to put yourself in a game winning position, because of the many features in this design of a professional FPS gaming mouse.

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